Banff Landscape Photography Summit full weekend passes sold out in 6 days

However, there are still lots of individual tickets available for the different speaker presentations on landscape photography and post processing.

Aurora July16-12_017-17 copy

Aurora Borealis photographed Banff National Park By Banff Landscape Photographer,

The full Banff Landscape Photography Summit weekend passes ended up selling out in less than a week after they went on sale.  That’s pretty exciting.  I set out to create an amazing landscape photography conference with a stellar lineup of presentors that I would want to attend.  And, it seems that others were feeling the same way and have up the full summit passes quickly.  Thank you for your interest in the Summit and I won’t let you down.  This is going to be a landscape photography conference you’re not going too want to miss.  Heck, I don’t want to miss it either!

As the speaker lineup continues to grow, I’ll continue to update the presentor page on the website with their biographies and I’ll announce them in blog posts introducing them, their background and their presentation topics.  Be sure to keep an eye on this blog page for news as it becomes available.

What if you missed the full weekend passes but you don’t want to miss anything presented at the Summit!

Don’t worry.  I offer the same Banff National Park landscape photography day tour I’m giving on Jan. 9, four times a year, once in each season of the year.  I announce these tours, and other tours and workshops, on my personal website and facebook page first.  Just “Like” my landscape photography FB page, and click the “Get Notifications” option, and you’ll hear about the next tour.  I announce the details of all my tours and workshops there first, including the next Banff landscape photography day tour.  

Aside from the Landscape Photography Tour during the day on Jan. 9th, you can still buy individual tickets to all of the other Summit presentations!  In this way you are still able to attend the real “meat and potatoes” of the confernce which is all of the speakers and their presentations.  Most of the presentations still have 45-95 tickets available for them, depending on which events you want to attend.  That’s right, it is still possible to buy tickets for ALL of the Summit presentations at a reasonable cost.  I honestly wouldn’t wait too long though to buy your tickets if you’re interested.  Now that the full summit passes including the photo tour are gone, the individual tickets have started to sell at a higher rate.  I think you will be able to buy tickets for all of the events for another week or two.  However, after maybe another two weeks some of the individual presentations may start to sell out as well.  

So the take home message of this blog post is that you can still get tickes to all the presentations iat the summit and attend the real meat and potatoes this great event.  But, I wouldn’t wait long to do that.  I expect that some of the presentations will start to be sold out in a few more weeks, long before the Summit actually starts.  Just buy your tickets and call it safe and good.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Summit and I sincerely hope I see you here in Banff in the new year!