The ILPA Newsletter Nov 25 2016

The ILPA weekly landscape and wildlife photography weekly newsletter is out for the week of Nov. 25, 2016.  Please follow the link below to read this issue:

The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly

In this issue we highlight articles from many well known blogs, included a few good posts from some lesser known photographers as well.  We’re always on the lookout for the up and coming photographers in a constant effort to keep the annual ILPA Landscape Photography Summit in Banff National Park fresh and full of relevant content that we’ve discovered during our internet searches during the recent week.  

This week the headline articles cover topics including articles on abstraction in photography from Alain Briot and Luminous landscapes, Motion blur assignment results from David Frutos, opportunities to see Greenland and the wild Labrador North in Luxury from Scott Forsyth,  just to name a few.

One of the notable editing article we brought to you this week is an overview of Capture One Pro.  This powerful editing software is similar to Adobe Lightroom and arguably more powerful.  Capture One Pro is an option worth checking out is you’re still not too keen on the subscription model that Adobe has imposed upon photographers.  The subscription service has it’s pros like always having the most recent version of PS and LR.  That is actually a pretty good plus to the subscription.  But, the subscription model also has it’s drawbacks too, like having to renew credentials about once every month or two.  I long for the days when I simply bought the programs and I simply clicked on them to open them, and it worked.  Capture One Pro works like that.

Capture One Pro workspace

Capture One Pro workspace

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of the weekly.  I also hope you choose to subscribe to it in the top right of the newsletter page to have a notification sent to your mailbox when each new weekly published.  

IF you like the look and feel of the newsletter then I’m pretty sure you’ll also like the 2017 ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Summit being held in Banff on Jan. 13-15, 2017.  You can learn about the Summit on the Summit website and buy tickets to the Summit and the included Banff National Park Landscape Photography Day Tour.  I hope to see you at the Summit!

Where can I photograph around Banff National Park during the Banff Landscape Photography Summit?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately after the full weekend passes including all the tours for the Summit sold out in less than a week after they when on sale.  People want to buy one of the remaining the Full Summit Presentation passes  but they are wondering where they can also go for landscape photography while attending the Summit on Jan. 8-10, 2016.  I want to help them.  The mission statement for the Summit is:

To bring landscape photographers together

in one of the most beautiful places in the world

to learn more, see more, feel more, and communicate more through our art.”

Spring in the Mountains at Highwood Pass

Spring in the Mountains at Highwood Pass

     Using this mission statement as my guiding principle I have a few suggestions to help you maximize your photography time time while you’re in Banff attending the Summit.  Even if you didn’t get a change to purchase the full Summit pass including the tours during the first week they were on sale in October.  

1/  Hire a local photographer to take you to the best locations to make efficient use of your time.

     A local professional landscape photographer knows the best places to shoot.  This goes for any area you plan on visiting really.  More importantly, a local pro landscape photographer knows where the best light will be given the current weather conditions at the moment.  And, they how to put you in the best position to photograph it.  The amount of time you’ll save searching for the best landscape photography locations, and the amount of pro advice you’ll receive during your tour, will definitely be worth the cost of hiring a local landscape photography guide.  Remember you want to make the most of your time here.  Hiring a local pro and having them use their local knowledge that they’ve gained over the years to guide you around is worth the $$.  I’m not available to privately guide during the Summit weekend but if you would like a few suggestions about who to hire then please send me a contact form and I’ll pass on the contact information of a few recommended photographers.

2/  Bring your car, or rent one while you’re here.

     Banff is full of extraordinary and world class landscape photography locations you can drive right up too.  The downside is you need a car to drive right up to them.  I’ll say that again.  You really do need a car, or someone with a car, to drive you around.  You can have a great day out shooting landscape by just walking around around the outskirts of Banff.  This is a world class landscape photography destination and the world class locations are all over the place.  But, to get the most out of the day for your landscape photography, you will need to have a car.


The Milky Way on the Red Deer River ©

3/  Bring an Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Landscape photography in the mountains.

     This seems obvious but to some landscape photographers but not to all of them, especially if you haven’t photographed in the mountains before.  The valleys here are so tight, and the mountains sooo tall and close together, that you will need some ultra wide focal length lens in your camera bag to take full advantage of the scenery.  In the 35mm/full frame format, that means bringing focal lengths as wide, and wider, than 24mm.  I think an ultra wide zoom lens in the 16-35mm range is an essential part of a Banff landscape photography kit and it will live on your camera body while you’re here unless you plan on photographing grizzly bears here in the spring.  Also, if you plan to photograph the night sky you’ll want to have an f/2.8 lens.  An f/4 lens just isn’t bright enough to capture those jaw dropping compositions with bright stars and the beautiful contrast in the shadows.  If you’re lucky enough to see the aurora you will need a bright f/2.8 lens to do a good job capturing it.  If you have an f/1.4 24mm lens I would definitely bring that lens for sure.  I think that lens is possibly the king of night sky photography!  Be sure to check out my blog post on photographing meteors and the night sky for more night sky photography tips.

4/   Stop by the Banff National Park Info Centre and ask for advice.

     The Banff National Park Info Centre, located on Banff Avenue in the heart of downtown Banff, has some very knowledgable people at the counter ready to answer your questions.  They also have brochures available to help you with your sightseeing in the Park.  Here’s a link to some of their brochures on their website.

The aurora at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park

The aurora at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park ©

5/  Come back to Banff in a different season to photograph it again, and again, and again, and….

    I live this last point to an extreme.  When I moved here I promised myself that I would stay here for two years minimum to give myself a chance to get a good sense of place for Banff so I could photograph it’s soul.  I promised myself I would do that no matter how hard it was going to be.  What I found was that my soul is anchored here too, and I stayed.  That was in 1996…. 

     I love Banff.  It’s my home and my wife feels the same way.  If you want to come to Banff for photography again in the future then please feel free to check out my website to see what I can offer you for a private landscape or wildlife photography tour of my home.  Or, browse through the articles in my blog to pick up on the great mountain photography and Banff location tips that I give there.  I offer group tours and workshops throughout the year as well.  The Lake O’Hara landscape photography tour is a very special tour.  You should read up on that place.  It is the best place in The Canadian Rockies for landscape photography.  That place needs to be on every landscape photographer’s bucket list, especially in the fall when the Alpine Larch needles turn yellow at treeline beside the high alpine lakes.  I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to see Banff, my incredible home, in the future. 

The Camera Store has become a Banff Landscape Photography Summit supporter!

TCS Logo Large

The Camera Store

Good news!  The Camera Store from Calgary has agreed to join the Banff Landscape Photography Summit as a Summit Supporter!  

If you’re from Western Canada then you probably already know about The Camera Store in Calgary.  They are a very popular camera and video equipment retailer offering leading professional photography and video products.  Their expert staff are always there to help you at any given moment.  There are few stores that I know of where there are often more retail associates ready to help you on the crowded sales floor than there are customers in the store.  I have to admit that when it comes to excellent customer service from expert and friendly staff I have never found a camera store anywhere else in the world that is as good as The Camera Store.  I sincerely mean that.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do so soon! 

The Camera Store is certainly a premier photography and videography equipment outlet.  They are full line retailers for the entire range of video and photographic equipment and supplies offering products from all of the best manufacturers.  They also offer educational seminars and workshops on a variety of topics for all skill levels.  Their seminars and workshops include events ranging from 2 hour evening seminars introducing new photographers to all the buttons and functions on their first DSLR camera to advanced, all day topics that seasoned professionals will find interesting.  Check out their seminar and workshop page to see a complete list of the classes that they’re currently offering.  And remember to check back often to see their constantly evolving lineup of great events.  

The Camera Store are the Summit supporters on Saturday night, AND all day Sunday!  Come to the Summit and visit them at their booth to check out the latest and greatest gear!  This stuff just keeps getting better all the time.

Keynote Speaker Announcement: Roy Ramsay from Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine

Keynote Speaker Announcement: Roy Ramsay from Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine

Roy Ramsay, Editor/Publisher, "Outdoor Photography Canada"

Roy Ramsay, Editor/Publisher, “Outdoor Photography Canada

Roy Ramsay has agreed to join the conference as the keynote speaker.  Ramsay has a strong influence on the landscape photography community in Canada but few of us know much about the man himself.

In 1998, Ramsay began a journey in magazine design as a junior designer. Within two years he became Art Director of an international magazine and worked in that capacity for eight years.

With an extensive knowledge of photography, design and magazine publishing, Ramsay was ready to embark on his life-long dream. In 2007, he launched the first issue of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, which aims to instruct the reader through entertaining, interesting and informative articles and imagery, covering all aspects of outdoor photography.  OPC magazine is now in its eighth year and is available throughout North America on newsstands and distributed via subscriptions world-wide.

We are pleased to have Roy join us to give the keynote presentation to kick off the conference with his valuable vision on landscape photography composition that he has developed over the decades he has been in the industry as a journalist, a publisher, an educator and, of course, an active outdoor photographer.


Banff Landscape Photography Summit full weekend passes sold out in 6 days

However, there are still lots of individual tickets available for the different speaker presentations on landscape photography and post processing.

Aurora July16-12_017-17 copy

Aurora Borealis photographed Banff National Park By Banff Landscape Photographer,

The full Banff Landscape Photography Summit weekend passes ended up selling out in less than a week after they went on sale.  That’s pretty exciting.  I set out to create an amazing landscape photography conference with a stellar lineup of presentors that I would want to attend.  And, it seems that others were feeling the same way and have up the full summit passes quickly.  Thank you for your interest in the Summit and I won’t let you down.  This is going to be a landscape photography conference you’re not going too want to miss.  Heck, I don’t want to miss it either!

As the speaker lineup continues to grow, I’ll continue to update the presentor page on the website with their biographies and I’ll announce them in blog posts introducing them, their background and their presentation topics.  Be sure to keep an eye on this blog page for news as it becomes available.

What if you missed the full weekend passes but you don’t want to miss anything presented at the Summit!

Don’t worry.  I offer the same Banff National Park landscape photography day tour I’m giving on Jan. 9, four times a year, once in each season of the year.  I announce these tours, and other tours and workshops, on my personal website and facebook page first.  Just “Like” my landscape photography FB page, and click the “Get Notifications” option, and you’ll hear about the next tour.  I announce the details of all my tours and workshops there first, including the next Banff landscape photography day tour.  

Aside from the Landscape Photography Tour during the day on Jan. 9th, you can still buy individual tickets to all of the other Summit presentations!  In this way you are still able to attend the real “meat and potatoes” of the confernce which is all of the speakers and their presentations.  Most of the presentations still have 45-95 tickets available for them, depending on which events you want to attend.  That’s right, it is still possible to buy tickets for ALL of the Summit presentations at a reasonable cost.  I honestly wouldn’t wait too long though to buy your tickets if you’re interested.  Now that the full summit passes including the photo tour are gone, the individual tickets have started to sell at a higher rate.  I think you will be able to buy tickets for all of the events for another week or two.  However, after maybe another two weeks some of the individual presentations may start to sell out as well.  

So the take home message of this blog post is that you can still get tickes to all the presentations iat the summit and attend the real meat and potatoes this great event.  But, I wouldn’t wait long to do that.  I expect that some of the presentations will start to be sold out in a few more weeks, long before the Summit actually starts.  Just buy your tickets and call it safe and good.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Summit and I sincerely hope I see you here in Banff in the new year!