The ILPA Newsletter Nov 25 2016

The ILPA weekly landscape and wildlife photography weekly newsletter is out for the week of Nov. 25, 2016.  Please follow the link below to read this issue:

The ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Weekly

In this issue we highlight articles from many well known blogs, included a few good posts from some lesser known photographers as well.  We’re always on the lookout for the up and coming photographers in a constant effort to keep the annual ILPA Landscape Photography Summit in Banff National Park fresh and full of relevant content that we’ve discovered during our internet searches during the recent week.  

This week the headline articles cover topics including articles on abstraction in photography from Alain Briot and Luminous landscapes, Motion blur assignment results from David Frutos, opportunities to see Greenland and the wild Labrador North in Luxury from Scott Forsyth,  just to name a few.

One of the notable editing article we brought to you this week is an overview of Capture One Pro.  This powerful editing software is similar to Adobe Lightroom and arguably more powerful.  Capture One Pro is an option worth checking out is you’re still not too keen on the subscription model that Adobe has imposed upon photographers.  The subscription service has it’s pros like always having the most recent version of PS and LR.  That is actually a pretty good plus to the subscription.  But, the subscription model also has it’s drawbacks too, like having to renew credentials about once every month or two.  I long for the days when I simply bought the programs and I simply clicked on them to open them, and it worked.  Capture One Pro works like that.

Capture One Pro workspace

Capture One Pro workspace

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of the weekly.  I also hope you choose to subscribe to it in the top right of the newsletter page to have a notification sent to your mailbox when each new weekly published.  

IF you like the look and feel of the newsletter then I’m pretty sure you’ll also like the 2017 ILPA Landscape and Wildlife Photography Summit being held in Banff on Jan. 13-15, 2017.  You can learn about the Summit on the Summit website and buy tickets to the Summit and the included Banff National Park Landscape Photography Day Tour.  I hope to see you at the Summit!