Summit Supporters

2017 Summit Sponsors and Supporters

Do you want your business to get involved with the 2017 Summit?

     We hope you do.     Becoming a Summit supporter is more than just getting your logo on the website and a link to your business webpage.  You’re becoming an important part of the community too, along with the photographers.  

     The best way for your business to become part of ILPA is to join up with an ILPA Professional Photographer membership or an ILPA Industry Partner membership.  Doing so will 

2017 Summit Sponsors


The Camera Store

TCS Logo Large

     We know what we’re doing and we want you to succeed!  As a premier photo and video outlet, we are full line dealers for the entire range of photographic equipment and supplies. Whether you are a leading professional or new to photography, our expert staff are always ready step in their usual role as supporters to assist you in finding the perfect equipment at great prices. Not only are we the best place to find solutions to all your photo and video needs, we also offer educational seminars and workshops on a variety of topics and skill levels.  From learning the buttons and functions of your first DSLR camera to advanced specialized topics, we have a seminar or workshop for you.  

2017 Summit Supporters

The following individual vendors have joined the 2016 summit as a supporter.  These are the brands that we trust and patronize, and I hope you will too.




     Panasonic has been with the ILPA Summit from the start.  They’ve been on the leading edge of the compact camera market’s shift to mirrorless cameras from the start with their innovative products.  Check ’em out! 


Cotton Carrier

Cotton Carrier

    Cotton carrier has also been with the Summit from the beginning.  Their system to carry your gear around is ingenious.  Their well thought out system helps you to keep your gear safe, handy and ready to go in an instant to capture the moment.  Their system is centered around getting all of the straps and weight off of your neck and onto easily accessible, quick release attachment points that are easy to use.

2017 Summit Community Supporters

     Would like like to become a community supporter without incurring a significant financial cost?  That is possible.  If you have a community that you communicate with at an administer level or executive level then we may be able to form a mutually beneficial agreement between ILPA or the Summit and your community.  We can offer a website listing for your business or community group on this page, under this heading, in exchange for you favourably communicating to group membership about ILPA and the Summit.  

     This is a great way to become part of the Summit on a budget if you have a large audience that you can influence.  An example of such an audience where you are the primary influencer would be a large meetup group or newsletter that you administer/edit with a membership/subscriber list numbering in the thousands.  This is another way that we like to reach out with leading members in the community to partner with them to help both of us to become stronger.

     You can also reach the delegates of the Summit by participating in the trade show.  There are 10’x10′ booths, 8’x6′ booths you can purchase and use to promote your business during the tradeshow.  There is also an information table set aside for businesses to have us layout your brochures/business cards.  We can also put your promo material and special Summit offers in the Summit swag bag that every delegate will receive when they check in at the Venue at the start the Summit.


Add your business here!

     Do you want your photography related business to become part of the Summit?  The Summit is all about helping each other to become better, including other photography businesses too.  If you own, or represent a photography related business, then supporting the Summit in some capacity may be something you’ll want to do.

     Can’t make it to the trade show?  You can still be listed on the website as a Summit Support with your logo, a link to your website, and a 40-50 word description of your business.  If this interests you and the business you represent then contact us.  We can help you to promote yourself and/or the business you represent in a friendly and sharing way at the Summit.  Please contact me about becoming part of The Summit!  Let’s be better together!