Trade Show

Banff Photography Summit (BPS) Trade Show

     One of the popular comments we received from the 2016 and 2017 ILPA Summit exit survey was that you wanted us to keep the trade show, but keep it small.  And, we’re listening to you.

     However, we also heard in the 2017 Summit exit survey that, “We don’t want the Summit to turn into a sales event.”  Were going to listen to you and keep the trade show on the small size in the 2018 Summit.

We’re listening to you.

     We kept the trade show booths integrated into the event presentation room too, like last year so that you can see the latest and greatest products on the market with ease.  The Trade Show Exhibitors also clearly stated that they wanted to be in the main presentation room.  Why, because they love outdoor photography and they wanted to see the Summit presentations too!  The exhibitors are passionate landscape and wildlife photographers too!


The 2018 ILPA BPS Trade Show will have:

Four booths and tables – available in two different sizes

     That’s roughly tripling the size of the trade show from last year.  We’re still pretty small, but we are growing at a steady and measured pace as we work hard to sustainably grow the Summit towards financial stability.  This year we added 6 more display booths/tables to the trade show for a total of 8 booths/tables.  

     We have 2 – 10’x10′ display booths and 2 – 8′ wide x 6′ deep table booths available for exhibitors to book.  

The Trade Show

Information grab station for Summit delegates:

     One of the 8′ x 6′ table display booth in the trade show will be an unmanned Summit information table where other exhibitors and the presenters may leave their business cards and promotional material.  This product information display/handout area will be in an unmanned table booth.  Some of the material on the tables in this booth will include informational brochures about the presenters, about ILPA and about other ILPA Pro photographers and ILPA Industry Partners that would like to display their material in an unmanned booth at the Summit.  The other trade show exhibitors will likely be leaving some of their material on tables in this booth as well.  This is a one stop, information grab station for the conference delegates.



How to become a trade show exhibitor:

     Professional photographers and industry members are allowed to exhibit in the trade show.  However, ILPA Industry Partners and ILPA Professional Photographers will have the right of first refusal when renting a booth or table at the Trade show until August 31, 2018.  Also, if your business exhibited in the trade show last year, then we will be contacting you soon to ask if you want to come back to exhibit in the trade show again at the 2018 ILPA Summit.  

     Please, contact us to reserve your table or booth soon.  We will respond to your enquiry in a timely manner.  The right of first refusal for booth space will be given to past trade show exhibitors, ILPA Industry Partners, ILPA Professional Photographers and new trade show exhibitors, in that order.  

     ILPA Professional Photographers will receive a 40% discount on booth/table prices.  And, ILPA Industry Partners wanting to book a booth/table in the trade show will receive a 75 % discount on the already reasonably priced booths and tables.

Any professional photographer or photography related industry merchant may exhibit in the trade show.  Businesses that are ILPA Industry Partners will receive their booth or table free of charge.  An ILPA Professional Photographer will a 50% discount on the cost of their trade show booth or table.  That discounted rate will work out to $200 for a 10’x10′ display booth and $120 for an 8′ wide x 6′ deep table booth.

10’x10′ trade show corner booth – $300.00 

–   These trade show booths are located in prime traffic volume spaces.


8′ wide x 6′ deep – trade show display table booths – $150.00 

–   6 table booths are available, 3 located on either side of the room.  The seating section for the conference delegates is in the middle of the room between the two rows of display table booths set up along both lateral side walls.

–   Table booth locations start next to the corner display booths and extend along the side walls towards the front of the presentation room.

Display your business cards and brochures in your absence

     You can still promote yourself and your business at the Summit if you can’t make the Summit trade show to exhibit in person.  You may send us your promotional material to layout and display on a table for the conference delegates to pick up at their leisure.  We will announce the location of the brouchure table multiple times during the SUMMIT before and/or after presentations.  The presenters will be laying out their promotional material on this same table as well, so conference delegates are likely to wander over to pick up your printed material.  

The conference delegate Swag Bag!

     Exhibitors can put promotional material into the Summit swag bag for free.  We encourage you to do that.  Every Summit delegate will receive a swag bag and everyone is likely to browse through all of the material in it.  This is good advertising.

Non trade show exhibitors may put promotional material into the swag bags too.  Cost for this target printed material display swag bags for non-exhibitors is:

Business card display on the brochure table – $25  Free for exhibitors

Brochure display on the brochure table – $75  Free for exhibitors

Add your branded thumb drives preloaded with your information placed in every swag bag for $150.  You supply us the USB drives loaded with the files you want on them.  Free for exhibitors.

Swag bag promotional material and gifts – ~$50-$100 depending on the product you us want to put in the bag for you.  Free for exhibitors.


Roll-up banner display banners like this one:

Roll up display banner

Roll up display banner

⇐ Roll up display banners – $100/banner to setup and display at the Summit if you’re not already renting a booth.  Free for exhibitors. 

You supply us with your roll up display banner(s), we’ll set them up for you in a high visibility location in the presentation room.  Everyone will have lots of time to read them throughout the weekend.  We will also include space to set out your business cards/brochures on the presenter info table when you purchase space to display your pop up banner.  Provide us with a shipping label and we will ship the banners back to you after the Summit.  We can arrange the return shipping after the Summit if a representative from your organization cannot attend in person.  Charges can be billed to your account after the Summit including the actual cost of the shipping + $25 handling charge. 





Mastercard, Visa and Bank e-transfers accepted